Denon 4K receiver AVR X520BT, 130W, Hires, 5.2 channels, bluetooth APTX and control, Dolby Digital, DTS, testing with Studio MIC – FULL REVIEW.

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In this review we will present the newest Receiver from Denon at a good price and in Hires sound quality.
– Small talk, the tư vấn for Audio Hi resolution, and comparison to AVR-X1300W
– Unboxing: Remote control, a MIC for calibration the sound, batteries, FM antenna and the 4K Hires receiver
– Showing the specifications of the model AVR-X520bt
– Connectors in the back and in the front
– Front USB that supports, FLAC audio until 96khz, ACC, MPEG 4, mp3
– FLAC versions 192khz, 96khz and 325 khz in Power Amp
– How to SET it UP
– DEMO TESTING WITH STUDIO MIC with Sony 5.0 Hiress speakers and passive subwoofer 500W MAG
– The DENON APK presenting with bluetooth connectivity.
– Small EQ
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Từ khóa: Denon 4K receiver AVR X520BT, 130W Hiress, 5.2 channels, testing with Studio MIC – FULL REVIEW, Denon 4K receiver AVR X520BT, 130W Hiress, 5.2 channels, testing with Studio MIC – FULL REVIEW, Denon 4K receiver AVR X520BT, 130W Hiress, 5.2 channels, testing with Studio MIC – FULL REVIEW

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  1. i Technology Reviews

    NEW: Audio Tehnica AT-LP120XUSB turntable – Can we Audiophile this?! Full Review.
    The good-looking AT-LP120 has been improved to AT-LP120X Turntable. The X model has the new VM95e Cartridge, a new build in preamp, the power adapter is now external and the skating of the S arm is non existing. In the next weeks we will turn this great turn table into a true HIFI audiophile vinyl play.
    The AT-LP120X-USB turntable features a new DC servo direct-drive motor, along with adjustable dynamic anti-skate control and selectable phono preamplifier.
    The fully manual turntable plays 33-1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records and is equipped with a USB output that allows direct connection to your computer. Just download the free Mac- and PC-compatible Audacity recording software (or software of your choice) and start converting your records to digital audio files. But in addition to the USB output, the turntable also comes with a detachable dual RCA output cable and is equipped with a built-in selectable phono preamp so you can connect directly to your home stereo, whether it has a dedicated phono input or not.

    The turntable features an S-shaped tonearm with adjustable tracking force and an AT-HS6 universal ½"-mount headshell with an AT-VM95E Dual Magnet™ phono cartridge. Audio-Technica has been a leader in phono cartridge design for more than 50 years, and that expertise shows in the versatile, high-performance AT-VM95E cartridge, which comes with a 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical stylus, but is also compatible with any VM95 Series replacement stylus, offering a wide choice of options for every budget and application.

    Additional features include a die-cast aluminum platter with felt mat; a start/stop button; selectable high-accuracy quartz-controlled pitch lock and pitch change slider control with +/-8% or +/-16% adjustment ranges; a stroboscopic platter with speed indicator; a removable plug-type stylus target light; external power supply; and a removable hinged dust cover.

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  2. Claudiu George

    Hi,please tell me about this receiver,how is the sound,it have enough power for an 25 square meter room if i connect a 5.1 speakers ( active subwoofer and sattelites) ? Also…it's any difference between jack cable/hdmi and bluetooth when you're playing music? I mean,difference in frequency,on bluetooth it sound weak or loud than jack/hdmi? And on bluetooth,how is the bass? Excuse my bad english. Thanks

  3. Igor

    I just ordered this. Can I put it into a cabinet behind glass? Are there any overheating concerns, because it would have airflow only in the back?

  4. Deepak Prasad

    Hi how can we connect a microphone to this receiver so that it can act as a karaoke system?
    Is it possible??
    If not how do I achieve it??

  5. Rommel Dela Cruz

    hi..thank you for the instructional video..but i have a question, is your studio microphone is connected to DENON AVR? if yes, then how? thank you

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