The Denon Link is a versatile truyền thông renderer to complement an already existing stereo or surround set. The Amp is the version with built in class D amplifiers.
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Từ khóa: Denon Heos Link and Amp – networked audio players, Denon Heos Link and Amp – networked audio players, Denon Heos Link and Amp – networked audio players

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  1. Mark Leary

    I've been demoing a 1st gen Heos Link [connected to an Audiolab 8000Q preamp, 2 8000M power amps and 1st gen B&W CM1 speakers] and I find the sound detailed but uninspiring. Do you think I should get the Bluesound Node 2 instead or maybe swap my preamp out for something like the Audiolab M-DAC or M-DAC + ? Thanks
    Loving your videos. Very interesting viewing. 🙂

  2. Sorin G

    Hans, very informative as always. Nice to see you review the more commercial options. Any chance of you having a look at the Marantz M-CR 511/611 and Yamaha WXC/WXA-50? I'm especially intrigued by the Yamaha and would love to know your views on it versus raspberry pi/hifiberry.

  3. Pete Keenan

    Really excellent review – thanks a lot for insights into Sonos limitations as I had expected, but without technical grounds previously!

  4. Ed Zonneveld

    Thank you for the detailed review Hans. I am considering the Heos Link HS2 (second generation) unit which now includes Hi-Res support. I assume this means the new Heos Link has an upgraded DAC and perhaps has better sound quality than the Sonos? I wonder if the quality is now similar to the Bluesound Node 2? I like the Heos system for it's DLNA support (not available on BlueSound or Sonos). Have you had a chance to try the new Heos Link or are you planning an update to this review?

  5. Bryan Su

    I am still not too sure how this device works. Does the Heos Link convert the input source into wireless (bluetooth and WIFi) signal and transmit it over to another Heos devices? Said i have an AVR in my living room, and i want to have music in another room, so i just need to install a Heos link on the AVR side, and another one in the room. Where the Heos link in the room will be connect to the speaker. Did i get this right? thanks.

  6. Ayden Ziomas

    Great review Hans, watched all your reviews on network audio players as we are in the market for one. Sound quality wise, if we were to use the Optical out of any players in to our pre-amp (which has a decent DAC) does which player matter? Digital out should be same quality from each player (Heos, Auralic, Node 2, etc?) Appreciate your answer and expertise.

  7. Amit Apollo Barman

    Just purchased the Denon 910W. I'm on the fence about buying the HEOS Link. Your video provided me some insight as to what to do. Much obliged.

  8. The Hans Beekhuyzen Channel

    Rick, you can connect the optical output of your TV to the optical input on the Link and have the link distribute that sound to any or selection of HEOS speaker within the system. So the answer is yes.

  9. Hans Beekhuyzen

    Lucey: they work fine, as I told in the video. Sound wise it depends on the quality you're after. It's a tad below the Sonos equivalents and more below the Bluesound equivalents. Tnx for the links.

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