Denon has created its new Heos speaker line in hopes of knocking the king of multi-room speakers, Sonos, from its throne. While many manufacturers have made a play in the burgeoning genre, from Samsung to Bose, Denon, and its near-century of experience in sound, would appear to have an upper hand.

The teardrop-shaped components come in three sizes: the Heos 3, the Heos 5, and the Heos 7 – just like Sonos. The system is controlled over an iOS or Android app, using Wi-Fi to connect to one or more pieces throughout the Trang chủ, with virually zero latency. Users can connect to music catalogs from their mobile device or computer, as well as utilizing Internet radio apps like Spotify.

Will Denon’s new challenger offer audio performance worth shelling out for? Our first impressions are promising, especially if you like bass. The sound signature of all three units appears to be well-blended, and even the smallest of the pack puts out a potent punch of low-end force. You can find out more about the speakers, and our initial sound impressions in the video above. For more on Heos, stay tuned for our full written review.

Từ khóa: Denon Heos multi-room wireless speakers – hands on, Denon Heos multi-room wireless speakers – hands on, Denon Heos multi-room wireless speakers – hands on

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  1. EL EVO

    600 bucks for a wired powered speaker ?No straight up Bluetooth connection, then no purchase from me, and i own a DENON X6400H But i refuse to have to pay so much for a speaker that can only be used with an app. Now that is some Bullchitzzz right there and way to much control for DENON, After all i payed for the speaker. let me choose between app or pure Bluetooth, Otherwise i am going with another Alexa Supported Speaker that allows Bluetooth Connections. Also please add somekind of battery so it can be portable, for the amount of money DENON is asking for this speaker, that should be a given.

  2. SK

    Can you please test by switching off bluetooth and try and play songs through the apple music app while connected to the same wifi network as your HEOS

  3. Paul Stevenson

    Unable to connect you at the moment!
    Don't buy HEOS they are Totally Unreliable. I bought a Samsung sound bar with a download remote for my iPhone which also has the HEOS remote on it!
    I don't know what is going on but "it works' then it doesn't work" with no one giving me a straight answer! I have a steady blue light on all 3 speakers HEOS 7's the sound out of one but not the others! Have grouped them into one in the den and had no problems with them before! What is going on! I have reset the speakers repairing them to my iPhone but still it doesn't work!

    Have to spend another couple of hundred dollars getting someone out to fix the problem!! I am Perplexed!!!

  4. iZilly

    Amazing speaker… Shit app! release the bluetooth so you can just stream music just like any bluetooth speaker! we have two that we were given as presents from my work but MAN!! i HATE the app… you have to play everything through the app! you can´t just be connected to the speaker and play whatever you decide which is such a sad waste of an awesome speaker

  5. Vinhstudio - DAC & Musicserver 0936 999 663

    Sản phẩm thật tuyệt vời của Denon, mình đang sở hữu Denon X4300H có Hoes thật tiện và chất lượng cực hay

  6. Rosey Watson

    I have heard and read much about the HEOS by Denon multi room wireless speakers.However the video explained clearly the technical speafications with functional and physical demonstration of the HEOS 7, HEOS 5 & HEOS 3 wireless speakers.
    I was wondering are the following correct product page URLs of these products which are being discussed here.

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