Please discover our new tips and tricks videos explaining how to setup some functionality on your Denon Product: How to get TV Audio via your Denon AV Receiver with a (Non ARC) TV.

In this video we will show you how to setup your AVR in order to get sound from your TVs integrated satellite or terrestrial tuner using an optical or coaxial cable.
Từ khóa: Denon | How to get TV Audio via your Denon AV Receiver with a (Non ARC) TV, Denon | How to get TV Audio via your Denon AV Receiver with a (Non ARC) TV, Denon | How to get TV Audio via your Denon AV Receiver with a (Non ARC) TV

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  1. Jessie Leggett

    Hi I just purchased a Denon receiver and a Samsung Q80 65 inch TV, I have been trying to connect the two but the Samsung TV is not recognizing the HDMI cable in any of its port, I tried different cables from best buy, Walmart and Amazon but the tv is not recognizing non of these cables, these cable do have eARC support, would appreciate any help

  2. Zaved Mansoor

    Hdllo sir.. Yesterday I have connected my new Denon X2600h with Mi tv 4x pro through Hdmi arc . After all setup tv remote or Avr remot can control the total volume level but when I Increase or decrease volume , volume bar not display on tv .Though "on screen display" option of avr setup is on … please help me out .. Thanks in advance .

  3. Mario Landa

    Anyone with a Denon AVR-1312 with a Sony 750 series TV, not able to send the sound via optical cable. I had verified everything and it is not sending the audio to the receiver.

  4. Archeo Gothly

    It works great⤕>ъ with my 5.1 speakers and 4K TV. The HDMI with ARC port does work, where the TV's sounds comes back to the receiver and out the 5.1 speaker set. The auto configuration with the speaker mic made speaker setup easy. The step by step prompts for connecting the speakers were clear and short. I hope this receiver lasts as long as my 18 year old Denon receiver which still works.

  5. Martinho Franco

    My Samsung Smart-TV (UHD4k65mu610) is connected to the Denon AVR-S710W receiver via HDMI. Suddenly it started to take about 30 seconds for the receiver to turn on automatically after I turn on the TV (ARC function). When I turn off the TV the receiver turns off at the same time, but when turning on the TV there is always this delay. All other Anynet functions work normally. I've already replaced the HDMI cables with new and more modern ones. I have formatted the receiver several times, I have restored the TV several times, I have downloaded the latest TV update from the USB stick. The TV has been updated automatically recently and the problem remains. I know how to configure the TV and the receiver, but I don't understand what happens. The only problem is the delay between turning the TV on and the receiver turning on, and the receiver's quick access screen (smart menu) that appeared on the TV every time I turned it on no longer appears. The rest works correctly, all commands are ok. Only this mysterious delay for the receiver to turn on automatically after I turn on the TV. Has anyone experienced this problem?

  6. fredact

    When I turn on the TV via it's remote, the Denon turns on, it comes on as CBL/SAT which is what I want, but then immediately switches to TV Audio. How can I get it to stay on the TV?

  7. Catina Chavis

    Could anyone help me i had my denon s301 in storage over a year and i think im missing a connection piece, even have an extra hdmi and nothing. im trying to connect my ps4 to a simple flat screen (no smart tv) the radio works but no sound through dvd or video game systems. Im so anxious to hear it, its my late fathers system and it sounds Amazing with Movies. Thanks

  8. Alejandro Valdez Hernandez

    What if my tv doesnt have the optical input? Only a coaxial digital audio and its a sharp tv. Hdmi is ARC but doesnt work…

  9. dany celeste

    Someone to help me I got a denon avr-x2500h it’s connect to the arc tv , every time I turn on the tv the receiver turns on too I don’t want that way , I just want the receiver turns on when i do it with the denon remote control or the app . Someone knows about it

  10. ABS

    Does anyone know how to set this up with a Rokie as well? We have it set up with our tv but I can’t figure out how to get the audio to work through the Roku and have been stuck for weeks! When we switch to the roku source on the tv the audio only plays the cable box audio even when switching sources ugh

  11. Pat Iorio

    Hi quick question I have a Denon AVR X 1200 .when I'm using cable through fios I on my receiver I can see the Denon setup munu guild . Is it possible to enable Denon set up guid if I'm on You tube ? Or any type of apps ?

  12. rav

    hi, subwoofer doesn't sound in any mode. i have the avr s730h, already configured auddasity (during installation subwoofer sounds). cable audio goues through optical cable, it sound fine but only on front speakers. already tried in multi CH stereo mode, but still no response

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