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More in depth explanation of this topic:

The updated, more accurate video:

I spoke with Ed Mullen at SVS about this, and here are his thoughts:

“Hi Ryan –

I’m not a Fan Hâm mộ of running any speaker on full-range (Large/full-band), unless it’s truly a full-range tower (which is rare). There can be deep/loud bass (even down to 20 Hz or deeper) in any speaker channel – including the surrounds and center.

If the speaker channel in question is a large quasi-full-range tower with 8-10” bass drivers, I’ll usually choose 40 Hz. Otherwise I’ll choose 60 Hz for more typical 6.5” bass drivers. Smaller woofers (5-1/4” or smaller) are best at 80/100 Hz. You need to look at both extension and dynamic output capability and choose the crossover which best reflects both of those variables. If room correction programs have shortcomings, it’s that they focus too much on extension without regard to dynamic limits which can be exposed at higher playback levels with certain source material.

It’s more important to capture all the bass on the DVD and route it to the speakers/subwoofers which can best handle it, than to compromise dynamic output (and possibly damage a bass driver) by setting a speaker to Large/full-band simply because it has a marginally better looking REW response.”

I make a big deal about deference, and Ed Mullen is someone I defer to with confidence. If you are unfamiliar with him, he can be found on forums and on the SVS website giving excellent advice, and his opinion carries a great deal of weight.

A lot of what I know can be traced back to opinions and advice he has offered, and I still have a lot to learn.

The point about room EQ programs refers to dropping the crossovers too low, a problem I discuss a lot. I also think it’s worth adding that in the rare scenario where you do have true “full range” speakers, you’ll want more power, beyond a typical AVR like what I have. On an AVR like mine, setting it to Large is pointless.

So small is ideal 98% of the time. At least you can hear it for yourself, and if you are still “determined” to run your speakers Large you can at least get the bass back to your subs. Make it easier on your mains, AVR, and yourself, and go Small.

Check out my new sub setup guide, which applies to most setups.

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Here is my setup at time of upload:

Amplifier, same as mine, but updated for 4k and dual subwoofers:

If you want to get better, I would recommend this unit as it has the better room EQ:

Discontinued versions like the 2100, 2000, 4000, and 4100 are good too, just lighter on features. I would avoid refurbished, as you can’t get a Square Trade warranty, which I HIGHLY recommend after both my TV and Máy tính xách tay both benefited from such warranties.

Speaker wire:

Front speakers (new model, they don’t make mine anymore):

I also recommend looking at these based on my experience so far:

And if you are into towers:

Surround speakers:

Center (New version) :
And a much better center:

Dual SVS:

LG 4K 3D Replaced previous Vizio with Square Trade type warranty. Love the LG, some issues aside.

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Từ khóa: Denon LFE + Main: Let The Controversy Begin (See Article & Video), Denon LFE + Main: Let The Controversy Begin (See Article & Video), Denon LFE + Main: Let The Controversy Begin (See Article & Video)

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  1. Linas R

    I am using Denon h2600x and it has Room EQ and dynamic EQ. The first is for compensating room's acoustic, second – compensate human ear sound perception by boosting low eq at quite listening and opposite when loud.
    Sobwoofer also needs to find best spot in a room because the same woofer sounds different when placed in other spots.

  2. Gabi Nassar

    Exellent review you are 100% correct, I did the same on my denon, what about the sub hertz what's the idial 80hrz or lower higher on denon? I run two jbl 10" subs and large towers jbl n310

  3. treetoon

    i have some fairly good towers and center that go down to 30/32hz respectively, plus surrounds down to 40hz; however as of right now due to space and cost limitations I'll be running one sub. I've been using the small setting but considering the idea of large to try to even out the bass in the room, is that a good idea?

  4. E Galindo

    I would be very interested in knowing how to connect at list in my case one more sub without having to spend more money. I am having an issue with routing the bass to the sub.Great video

  5. Gergely Kovács

    Double Bass (LFE+Mains) is the worst thing you can do in bass management. Instead of 2 subs that you can move around and possibly dial in with a miniDSP, you bring in low frequency waves from your fronts, that you cannot place ideally from bass perspective most of the time (like moving to the sidewalls, or have assimetrical placement if your room would ask for that in terms of low frequency). Keep them towers as well small, and cross them over to subs. Also your AVR will thank you big time.

  6. Andre Emilsen

    I have all speakers exept height in large. Fronts have dual 12", rears have dual 10". Center only dual 6.5" (but it plays great down to 50hz, fronts 22 hz, rears 25hz).
    Sub is set to 100 hz, and the only reason I do not have heights in large is the fact that sub in PLUSS mode, only duplicate from fronts and center. Rears can hold their own just fine down to 25hz. And LFE is sub only anyways. I mess around a lot with settings, and always end up this way. The sub is rated down to 13hz, and really shakes things up. 🤪

  7. Sanjeev Dhiman

    Bro, you are a life saver. Ultimate 👍 excellent knowledge. I'm going to experiment it on mine. I have got definitive technology BP 9060 and they have subwoofer built in. I know…. I know…. I'm guilty but this is what I bought over thanksgiving, and today I bought a subwoofer from Klipsch R-12SW 400W from Costco and it's time to play with these settings again. Thank you so much. I just subscribed myself on your channel. 👍🙂❤️

  8. Dushyant Giri

    I am still not able To run bookshelf on stero mode.. Through s950h in same setting.. I have connected to subw through single subwofer cable (both side single rca pin) do I need rca to dual rca out for sub?

  9. Ronald Archibald

    Im running a passive twin 10 sub inline with the towers. Plus 2 12inch active subs off the receivers sw output. I have speakers set to large. Going to see if i have a subwoofer setting lfe plus mains today because my active subd rarely turn on remotely..but i do not want to lose my passive 10 inch subs up front. The 10s sound great for music..but the 12s in back are needed for theatre use.

  10. Tom Smith

    I have onkyo and 2000 pro svs best setting i found to sound best is 80hz all speakers and i have big centre and main and the lfe 100 sounds incredible

  11. Shaun Richards

    Better to run all small less taxing on the receiver subwoofer handles the lower frequency better rolled off at 80hz. Marantz receivers have the same feature and it makes the option to use LFE+ MAIN a must better choice.

  12. Krane

    Correction: setting everything to small is a terrible suggestion. If you have tower speakers its not rational to set it to small. See how confusing that is?

  13. Tore Nyland

    think you got the lfe+main function all mixed up, if your sub is set to LFE mode i will ONLY play the LFE part of the 5.1 sound mix if it is set to LFE+MAIN it will play the LFE part and the lower part of the main sound mix ASWEL, it will not change how your mains behave.

  14. frontwing67

    I have 2 Sony 2 way monitor speakers with great lows, setup as LFE and main, but I tested the crossover from 80 to 120 in steps of 10, and 80 sounded like
    it had the best balance in combination with my subwoofer, anyone else that has the crossover set lower then 120?

  15. Michael Greco

    I'm one of the confused one 🙂 play enjoy the video and I'm going to play around with this setting. To clarify you go small and you do LFE plus Main?

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