Please discover our new tips and tricks videos explaining how to setup some functionality on your Denon Product: How to get TV Audio via your Denon AV Receiver with an (ARC) connection.

In this video we will show you how to setup your AVR in order to get sound from your TVs integrated satellite or terrestrial tuner using the audio return channel.

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Từ khóa: How to get TV Audio via your Denon AV Receiver with an (ARC) connection, How to get TV Audio via your Denon AV Receiver with an (ARC) connection, How to get TV Audio via your Denon AV Receiver with an (ARC) connection

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  1. Tom Appelbaum

    Brand new TV, all streaming. no DVD (I also don't have a phonograph or VHS either). hooked up to the ARC on the TV, went through set up, only gave the optical/coax option, went through this, still don't see ARC as an output option for the TV. Sound output with optical was fine, but no ARC sound output with TV. I got this receiver because of ARC compatibility and the integration is worse than the 20 year old Sony receiver that I replaced.

  2. ToxicWasteGaming

    I have a LG 4K smart tv and my denon won’t let the LG use the tv remote for the volume I put hdmi control on and went thru my tv settings and still nothing

  3. Zapp Brannigan

    "Select tv station" please elaborate! I'm using eArce xbox/pc to TV and then out the eArc port of tv to receiver. Using HDMI 2.1 wires on all connections, lg CX TV (latest updates), in Denon (latest firmware), I have hdmi control enabled, eArc enabled on TV with passthrough audio no delay. I don't hear any sound. What source do I pick?

  4. Zaved Mansoor

    Hello sir, Yesterday I have connected my new Denon X2600h with Mi tv 4x pro through Hdmi arc . After all setup tv remote or Avr remot can control the total volume level but when I Increase or decrease volume , volume Icon/ volume bar not display on tv .Though "on screen display" option of avr setup is on … please help me out .. Thanks in advance .

  5. Alex Wenger

    No sound is coming out. If I switch tv audio from hdmi to digital I hear a split second sound from the tv audio going through the receiver and then it disappears again

  6. emersonleon85

    I have my Xbox connected to my tv. I’m using arc to get sound to my receiver. It works but I get huge audio sync issues. Only when I use Dolby Atmos but if I change the Xbox to dts/Dolby or stereo the issue goes away. Kinda stupid since the tv is marketed as Atmos and dts x earc support

  7. Old Desert Lizard

    We had to redo our audio setup after the tempered glass on our audio table disintegrated. Had issues getting it working on my own, but after watching this, we just ran one cable from "HDMI 3 (ARC)" on the TV over to "Monitor ARC OUT" on the Denon 1912. This video helped me get on the right path… thanks.

  8. tasmedic

    It's 2020 and this still doesn't work between my various interations of TV and my Denon amp. Every time I get a firmware upgrade for my Denon, I cross my fingers and hope. So far, my Denon's Audio Return Chanel has proven incompatible with both Samsung and Sharp TV's which I've purchased. I have tried everything to get this to work. New HDMI cables, just about every menu option on both pieces of equipment. They just won't talk to each other. Thank heavens for optical links!
    The Power supply in my Denon blew up recently. After being quoted silly money to even get this shipped and looked at, never mind worked on, I took it apart and was horrified to see how poorly it was designed, with ribbon cables running over AC power cables, etc. The fault turned out to be two blown diodes in the power supply, which would not have happened had MOV's been put in the right place to protect them. That's basic design, not implemented to reduce costs.
    Generic chinese electrolytic capacitors in a $2000 amp….. WTF?!
    Denon is becoming expensive, badly made crap.
    Even the chap making the video above didn't take the time to remove the pops and crackles after he recorded each sentence. Then the rustling of the papers at the end. It's not a good reflection on what is supposed to be a premium audio brand.

  9. Immanuel Raynaldo

    To help you guys, this video sucks, not enough information. TO GET THINGS DONE:
    1. Make sure your TV AND ARV Support ARC
    2. Make sure you turn on tv control (lg,samsung, etc may have different name)
    3. Make sure you turn on hdmi control on your arv (denon etc)
    Thats it, feel free to ask and give more information

  10. Guy Harwood

    I have a Samsung Q70 series TV and finally managed to get everything working correctly with my AVRX3300W receiver. A combination of settings in the video above and TV settings mean it now switches between tv audio and receiver correctly. I had to ensure the AVR was set as preferred audio device on the TV

  11. BlackCat 56

    hi. i just bought the denon avr-s950h receiver 7.2 channel 2019. i bought it new from best buy. when turning the receiver on or off, it sounds loud like the amp has 1,500 watts, or a super loud click. works fine. ever heard this from denon or others. should i be worried if this was you. $500 door stop.

  12. marc11b

    I have a 2019 Samsung Smart TV, Denon AVR S700W and an Xfinity cable box. How do you setup when using the TV source (an app on the TV) is selected, the sound comes out of the av system? I do have HDMI from TV to AVR plugged into HDMI (ARC) It seems the sound still comes from the cable box, when using a TV app or one of the Samsung channels.

  13. Daniel Pajkic

    Can someone tell me why the sound on my TV is not as loud as on a HDMI device? as exampel when i play a video from Youtube on my computer via HDMI connection and the reciever is on 60 volume its very loud but wen i play the same video over the TV via the smart TV Youtube app its very quiet i must turn up over 80 volume to have the same loudness?

  14. Alan Brinton

    The bottom line appears to be that HDMI ARC is not a dependable way to transmit audio from your smart TV to your AV receiver. My new Samsung Q6DR is a marvelous device with stellar smart TV features. But its two options for audio out are optical cable and HDMI ARC. Optical cable delivers excellent clear sound to my non-ARC Denon 4806, but with that connection the TV remote control cannot control volume. Consequently, I'm using my DISH remote (programmed to the receiver) for volume control. I'm only interested in HDMI ARC if I can be confident that it will in fact allow volume control by the TV remote and if (big "if") it will do this dependably. A universal remote is another option, but I prefer the simplicity and predictability of the Samsung and DISH remote controls.

  15. David Bondy

    I have a Denon AVR X1500H that i recently upgraded from a Yamaha receiver, and is connected to a Samsung QLED TV Q70R (2019 model) and the HDMI cables (High Speed label) are hooked up on the correct ports in both devices, however after several times attempting the setup and save configuration, when I turn on the receiver, the TV only has audio but not video and i have to use the Cox Contour remote to turn off and turn on the tv in order to get video. Also when i tried to change the receiver setting for 4K i have a message saying that the TV is not configured for 4K 4:4:4 …HDCP …etc….. I would like to use the AVR Remote only to turn on both devices.. Any help???

  16. Peter Vanneste

    I have a Denon S500BT, I have monitor on Denon going to ARC on my LG tv and 1 device connected to Denon, a blu ray player. Can get playback when playing blu ray but no audio. I do have audio when watching tv. Can anyone help me?

  17. Joaquin Carrera

    I have an AVR 1910 without ARC input and a LG 55 TV with ARC output. I can not make the sound of the TV come out through the device. Can somebody help me. By the optical input it works. Thanks!

  18. David Cespedes

    This solve the problem with my LG OLED TV and my Denon AVR-X2000 receiver Make sure you have a High Speed HDMI Cable connected between the TV ARC HDMI port and the receiver monitor ARC HDMI output port, and start over the Setup Assistant of you Denon Receiver after you set the output of your TV to be "External Speaker (Optical / HDMI ARC)" and configure the output of the HDMI Monitor ARC in your Denon Receiver to be set to TV.

  19. RT

    I use ARC on my Roku TV and a Yamaha Receiver and that setup works fine. I didn't like the sound quality of the Yamaha though. That's why I want to switch to a Denon AVR-S910W. I got sound from TV out to Denon receiver. However, the sound keeps going out and in every few seconds. It goes out very briefly but very annoying. All the cable connections are fine. What could be the problem?

  20. Ichijoe2112

    How do I get the OSD / GUI working over live TV, with ARC for Audio Return?
    More to a point should, (Or, does), this even work? Funny thing is I would have sworn that it had worked that way before. But, I can not seem to get it to work.

    While I'm on this topic. Will the OSD / GUI enven work @ 4K Enhanced 4.2.2 / 4.4.4 @ 2160p? Cause I'm able to output my nVidia Shield TV Pro to output a 4.2.2 10-bit signal just fine otherwise. But, pressing the Setup Menu, causes my TV to report having no signal with a 4 Minute timer to shutdown. Which makes playing the Radio, Internet Radio pretty much a bust.

  21. Alex V

    So I had my whole AVR receiver setup beautifully for months without any major issues. The ARC feature worked amazingly, I had my Chromecast setup to turn on my TV and receiver with my voice. Then suddenly while plugging in a HDMI for my second PC, all the sound stopped working. I couldn't figure what the hell had happened so I reset everything. Finally the audio worked but all the ARC features were disabled. I reset again and fucked around with the HDMI ARC settings on both my TV and AVR, even going as far as actually reading the manual. Nothing worked, and then I realized the sound had gone out when I plugged in my second PC. It was the fucking HDMI slot! Anytime I plug something the AVR shits itself, it was the last HDMI in the system I hadn't filled so I guess its going to stay that way. TL;DR Check your HDMI slots, one might be busted.

  22. my wifes son

    When i go into video, my menu is completely different to the one mentioned. I doubt i will get any support from denon but can you explain why i'm missing the options you have shown.

  23. Kunjan Patel

    Still having issues getting ARC to work with denon 730h and samsung q8fn….the tv displays receiver as output, denon is set to tv audio….no sound coming through. please help!

  24. kierunkowskaz

    Different problem here. 3050i cinema pack but sound only through 2 front speakers. Woofer doesnt work and rears dont either. How do i get sound through all channels?

  25. Sandman

    I've tested ARC return and HDMI control since 2013, still today in 2018 it's hit and miss. This tech is not good and still not mature for using, this is in my experience. I have a Samsung 8005 and a Denon X4200w receiver, this works when the amp feels like, same with Spotify integration in the amp, really bad stuff. At least Spotiy works with my TV, but then again ARC return works sometimes. I bought a dedicated streaming box, at least this works.

  26. Leandro Rabelo

    Hello! I have an AVR-1613 and an LG UHD. The connection worked but the comes jumping. What could be happening? Could it be the cable quality?

  27. suz702

    Followed these instructions and it worked! Sound via ARC connection, awesome! Then I switched inputs to stream a movie, and it no longer worked and it has never worked again, no matter how many different ways I try. Totally frustrated, have a great surround home theatre system and have to listen to TV speakers! I should mention that I also have the Fire TV cube with Alexa voice control set up and wonder if this is conflicting? If anyone can chime in with any ideas, I'd appreciate it.

    UPDATE: Solution, you must turn on HDMI control on the receiver settings menu and HDMI control on the TV settings menu as well, then you must press the TV/AUDIO button on the Denon remote. Then it will automatically play TV audio through the receiver when you turn the TV on. The video did not mention anything about the TV settings. The video could have also mentioned that if you turn your TV on and the sound comes from the TV speakers, then your TV settings are incorrect, check them!

  28. Cynthia Sterling

    maybe you can help me, best buy squad can't. I gave up directv, no cable. I have air tv and can not get a picture to come trough to my tv. I have hooked the antenna up to the back of the denon, but nothing. And just so you know, I have a Blu-ray player and a recorder hooked up and I can get a picture to come from them, just not my air tv. Thanks for any help, having been tring to figure this out for awhile and just ordered another surround system for the up stairs tv. Don't even want to open the box if its not going to work with air tv.

  29. fahadhamdan

    Only thing I would add is to make sure you have a High Speed HDMI cable. 1.4 and above, I've used a few 1.3s and they didn't send it through

  30. Marrio Broughton

    How can I get my system to play Amazon and Netflix movie from the TV WiFi ? Has for now I have theater sound only when I go through my DVR player to watch movies. I know the systems not hooked up to the Wi-Fi but I don't think that should matter. Movie will play with no sound.


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