1. Douglas Chew

    Hi Everyone……..I just bought the X12 and trying to set up the wireless without success and also cant rip my CD. Can someone expert pls advice.

  2. Geert Van den Broeck

    is it possible to rip a DJ-mixed CD into 1 audio file that can be played then gapless as perfectly mixed as the original CD? so without any pauses between the mixed tracks, and not resulting in multiple separate tracks?


    Is it simple to select certain tracks only from an album if you want to leave some out? I don't know if you're still even looking at this channel. I'm getting a CD ripper in two weeks and it's almost definitely going to be an X12. From what I gather I have to order a wireless internet connector to go online, will this allow me to connect it to a blue tooth speaker(s)? Thanks for reading, if you do.

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