In this video we compare two popular wireless speakers the Sonos Play 1 and the Denon Heos 1.

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Sonos Play1:

Denon Heos1:
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  1. Mr Juiceee

    helllloooo..please try to pair the speakers with your phone and hit us up with some good music..that way we can tell by ourselves which one sounds better

  2. Kwarkusmodius

    the Sonos is surround without the decodes. So No DTS or anything else. People think when they use Sonos that the have true 5.1 surround sound. And thats not true! I really thought the Heos has the same dedicated amplifiers, just like the sonos.
    And if you put the HEOS connected to the soundbar you have a surround sound audio with decodes like DTS . For more info please look here: .

    Very sad that this reviewer didn't know this at all. So a dumb down for your false info about the Heos.

  3. fatboy19831

    The Sonos 1 is a pretty bad sounding speaker.

    The Yamaha music cast 20 sounds far better. I find it very difficult to believe that the Denon could even remotely sound worse.
    The Sonos one is rock solid reliable and easy to set up and use with very good software support. The one works well as background music at a dinner party. For now sonos has the best all around wi-fi speakers that simply is not very good sounding.

  4. D H

    Have the HEOS. Spent endless time trying to connect it to my WiFi using the app with no luck; keeps telling me to get closer to the device – I have tried from a metre down to 10cm with no luck. Also tries from other devices – same result. App store reviews say app is hopeless. Bluetooth dongle doesn't connect either, so speakers generally useless.

  5. Christoffer Reese

    Also one thing more: you dont need to use the heos app, yuo can just connect it to the wifi, and in spotify's app theres a bottem under the playing music you just need to click on and then i connects. and now you can just use spotify as you played on your phone, but it play over the denon speaker

  6. Kenneth Jensen

    Please remove this review! It is not true at all!
    Heos 1 CAN pair with soundbar or avr both also with subwoofer.
    Heos 1 does have an amplifier for both speaker units!

  7. Lowrey Brown

    I'm currently looking for a replacement for my SONOS. Can't get through a song without it losing connection and skipping to the next song. The device is considered broken in my eyes
    Gonna take a look at HEOS and see if it's better

  8. Ed Miller

    You should take another listen to the Denon. I feel has much better sound quality and functionality. Streams high quality signals like spotify and has enhancement circuitry for compressed files. Denon all so makes an incredible sound bar that is remarkable. Buy with your ears when you can.

  9. Stefan Hvisthule Gregorius

    Just for INFO:
    It IS possible to connect two heos1 speakers with a heos bar, and subwoofer, to get af full 5,1 surround sound 🙂

  10. Kurt Bergeron

    +Abt, maybe it is due to when you made this video, but there is no mention of the ability to pair the Heos with a compatible Denon AV Receiver. That changes the whole ballgame being able to add any source that exists in my entire entertainment system.

  11. Michael Agusta

    Does the Denon HEOS software allow for a Administrator and different profiles for different users? I know the sonos does not, which is limiting. With different profiles each person in the household can have their own "music" profile thus my Pandora channels will not show up on my daughter's profile and vice versa. Also, allowing administrative control can prevent my daughter for controlling the speaker in my home office; and can prevent me from controlling the speaker in my daughter's bedroom. These simple things made me stop buying more Sonos speakers.

  12. GreatBoy369

    This video needs an update! The HEOS is still the old version. For two years now already the HEOS HS2 -Series is available. Those new speakers contain bluetooth integrated (no dongle needed) and the all play High-Res Audio. Of course the are down-line compatible, so you don't have to change your "old" ones. Sound quality of the Denon is really great. Sonos defenitly is the older system, but practically no innovation since.

  13. Tim Lucas

    I feel like the Denon Heos system is more the audiophile's choice. Firstly, they have a broader product portfolio including Denon receivers with built-in HEOS, DEOS Drive and HEOS AVR. I feel like Denon really have more to offer the audio enthusiast and superior sound quality.

  14. Thomas McQuighan

    I have a 5 room Heos system. I bought Sonos for my post college daughter after using the USER Interface for Heos. IT is AWFUL. Heos has no real search capability and it's integration with music services such as Amazon is improved in Dec 2016 but it basically is terrible- If all you want to do is to listen to a music service station, it is fine- but you really can not make decent play lists easily because you can't search for tunes etc. Really… I feel "jobbed" by these horrible reviews that even compare the products- The difference is luxury car versus a tri-cycle. Get my point??

  15. Eneas Gasca Leon

    One of the most important differences between Heos and Sonos speakers is the fact you can improve the sound quality of the Sonos speakers adding a SUB to your system, the subwoofer makes a world of difference in the soundstage and crispness, suprasing the Heos system.

  16. Lamont Underwood

    I like he denon but I wish it played Apple Music and I wish they had an app for the computer so that I can control the speakers from my Mac. I would like to see a Sonos Play 5 vs Heos 7 video

  17. Jody Lester

    I think the most underrated part of the HEOS line is the HEOS Amp. It pushes 100w per channel and has a subwoofer output as well as an optical in, making it great for bedroom TVs.

  18. Silence of the hams

    You failed to mention the fact that the more Sonos speakers you add to the Sonos system it compresses the audio quality more and more to the point that you can achieve higher fidelity with a cup & a string. The Heos far out shines the Sonos in what it offers connectivity wise and play back of music. Plus their app doesn't look cartoonish in comparison to the Sonos. Denon came out with a better way to do the whole sound bar idea. Hmm wonder why? Oh they have only been in the music and sound industry forever. Sonos has spent more on advertising is why people think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. When in actuality all they have done is glorify the boom box and give it a modern look and feel. lol You can NEVER beat hard wired stereo sound properly set up. If you want a single point reference for audio enjoyment and have it sound like a cup & a string Sonos is for you. And YES I am in the industry and have been for 46 years and know what I am talking about. 🙂

  19. silda Guerrero

    I bought a Sonos speaker a year n a half ago and it already broke, it lost it's volume so easy like that I wasted 500 dollars plus tax. I am so mad.

  20. Diego

    I have just bought a couple of Denon heos 1 and they sound great, but they have a great problem. When I connected them to my apple tv4 via bluetooth it was a 2.3 second sound delay that make them no usefull. Also when I plugged them to my tv with the mini-jack cable I had a sound delay.

    So they sound great but it´s impossible to use them for watching tv o play sound from apple tv4.

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